A change of heart...

In the last year, I have been moving in leaps and bounds on a spiritual journey of self discovery, and on the way I have cleared lots of things which no longer serve me. Earlier this week I took the step of releasing myself from ALL of my attachments which remained, in one go. And now in my new-found state of freedom, it's important and yet so much easier for me to be aware of internal and external forces having an effect upon me. I have found more insight and clarity in these couple of days than ever before.

One such example of greater clarity is in regard to my booking policies for Body Connection, and the general way I've been going about things. I realised that these policies no longer resonate with me, and I had allowed them to be created and moulded by external influences in the first place. To go into greater detail, I can relate to the why and how of the way I was running my bookings, all the logistics still ring true; however it is now that I look at things from a heart based perspective that I can see the bigger picture.

As my studio space is only small (and I am completely happy with it that way), I believed I needed to impose a limit on numbers, and insisted on advanced class bookings. As a result of, and in order to avoid being let down by people booking then not turning up, with the potential of my having turned away other clients, I asked for payment in advance. With a transparent policy for cancellations, transfers and refunds, if clients did not attend then I would not lose out. I also believed this would have the added benefit of encouraging greater attendance - bringing about more work for me and better results for clients. Overall, it's a pretty sound policy employed by many institutions in this industry, and in my application of it I was aiming to offer advantages to those attending my classes as well as to myself. However, referring back to that wider perspective - I realise that I am not an 'institution', and I do not consider my unique offering to be an 'industry'.

I had forgotten to trust in the universe. What this trust gives me, now I have found it again, is the understanding that whatever happens is meant to be. If I get only one person to a class, it is because that person needs my individual attention. If ten people turn up where I can comfortably house six, it is because those people will all benefit from a group dynamic in close proximity that day. If all my clients cancel, it is to give me the time I need to be alone. The energetic of each class I teach is different, and therefore on an individual level, I can now see how an advance booking policy - no matter how flexible I try to make it - is leaving no room for spontaneity and intuition to play and part in our lives.

It is with greater trust and insight then, that I leave all these influences behind, and I adopt a method of greater freedom...

I'm not going to have a booking policy - if you want to come to an advertised class, then just turn up! Payment in advance will be optional but not required, and there will be completely flexible money saving options available with either a class pass, or with unlimited membership. I'm really hoping this will work for everybody, and so if anything is still not conveinent for you then let me know.

How my methods will change and grow in the future only time will tell, however I am deeply grateful for the environment I have created which allows me to make these changes and these choices for myself in life. Wishing you all greater freedom in your lives, Namaste.

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