To be heard

I've just this moment realised how much we're all putting on a front to protect our hearts, which stops us from being fully loved for who we are. With this realisation I looked around at those I work with, and having glimpsed their true 'soft sides' on the odd occasion in the past, I acknowledge that, even in a place where we enjoy working together, this is not the real them. Looking back at my own past I acknowledge countless times when my 'front' was showing itself to the world, but only a rare moment when I remember opening up and being me. In the same way that I let my guard down only around certain close family members, most of us use this 'front' to get us through each and every day.

Why then do we need to cover up who we are even to those we know well? Perahps a part of this is because we are so judgemental; when others open up to us we talk instead of listening, we feel the need to be right, and by the slightest imposition of our beliefs the other person feels defensive, whether they display it or not. How, then, do we communicate whilst not implying right or wrong? The answer is in the question, and here's where the philosophy deepens - we accept that there is no right or wrong, no absolute, there is only experience, the very reason which we came to be on this planet.

The important part therefore is not the thought or belief being expressed, but how a person feels when you are in discussion with them. The journey starts by the first acknowledging the feeling of 'good' that comes from being heard. From here a person begins to more consciously choose in life that which makes him or her feel good, and then the process of learning discernment is underway. Learning to listen to the heart will lead a person to their truth, in their time. It's also important to remember that a spark now may lead to the ignition of a fire in someone's consciousness years later - the strength of a feeling, expecially one which is foreign to us at the time, is easily remembered. By offering a person the experience of being unconditionally heard, we are playing our part in the healing and compassionate evolution of humankind.

As a sensitive being therefore, who has just metaphorically climbed over the ledge to a greater level of awareness and is trying not to be knocked back down, how can I be around perceived 'negative energy' and mistruths without feeling the need to run? The answer is remembering. Remembering that this person has come to me so that I may safely offload this heaviness for them; not to absorb it, but rather clear it. If no-one will listen, how could this person release their negativity without the learned tools to do so?! Having offloaded this and created more space in their being, the appreciation of being heard can be felt, the clearing of dense energy can slowly take place, and a journey of heart based spiritual development has begun.

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