Unexplained Pain

​​A couple of years ago it was suggested that I might have fibromyalgia. I spoke to multiple professionals about it, some thought that I may have it, others thought not ​- ​I wasn't depressed, and I wasn't in the typical age bracket for this condition, hence why most dismissed the possibility​. None offered to follow it up with diagnosis and that didn't bother me, I didn't feel I needed it, ​t​he main reason being that I knew whatever mainstream treatment was offered would not be of interest to me​, I was more interested in addressing the cause of the pain rather than the symptoms​. So I continued ​i​n my pursuit of health ​with the suggestion of this condition in mind, and I did find that this gave me a way to better understand and predict my body's patterns. I think that this first step of learning to read my body was ​t​he start of my way out of pain.

F​o​r approximately 10 years​ ​before this​​, I had experienced upper back pain and a degree of ​stuckness, ​stiffness​ and limitation​ which I didn't even realise I had until I loosened up. At the time​ of my unofficial diagnosis​ I was teaching several hours of Pilates per day​ and​ experiencing an unexplainable amount of pain, ​so​ I started having weekly massages to try and reduce this. ​I​ went through a process of realising that massage and physiotherapy could increase the pain rather than decrease it​, and gave up on physiotherapy altogether​, but​ after months of working together with my​ massage​ therapist​, I found a balance combining regular movement and massage ​which did​ not exacerbate the condition. ​It would be nice if I could say that the pain had gone at this stage, but rather I found a level where I could ​work throughout the day in a moderately physical job, which I was impressed with, and which anyone who has suffered with unexplainable pain will acknowledge is an achievement.

What I found through movement was an awareness, which enabled me to move on the next step; there were certain areas of my body, we came to realise, that held tension and would not let it go. After months ​working to find the happy medium, after years of trying different ​treatments, ​I was ready ​to move on from the physical level and go deeper into my being, where I found the cause of my pain. I came to the ​therapy​ that has helped me most overall, and this changed my life.​ I can't ​give this therapy a simple name, it's energy based, and it's not easy to define or explain​ in our modern culture, where ​understanding of one's spirituality seems so hard to find! ​T​his unique therapy ​works with energies, emotions and experiences which our soul is ready to release, and ​I am infinitely grateful for it, such is the difference I feel.​

As with all the things which have helped me the most over the years I was drawn to learn more about this subject, and am pleased to now offer the therapy myself. If you relate to my experience of pain and would like to talk more about the movement or the therapy which helped me so much then please get in touch for a chat.

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