I'm Camilla, and I created Body Connection to spread and share the knowledge of how to better understand our bodies. I have studied Pilates, Yoga and energy healing, and use an intuitive combination of techniques in the sessions I offer.


Meditation from the sand dunes
Tree in silhouette
Yoga backbend

I do this movement to release and free my body. I teach because it's a natural progression to share what I love to do. Although, I didn't always love movement and some days I still don't, but if I listen to my body, often those are the days when I need release and freedom the most. Paradoxically, perhaps, I have found the way to most freedom of movement is through discipline - through the control and breakdown of the body and of the exercises which Pilates and Yoga offer, and the knowing of one's own body that this leads to.


Several years down the line I now know my body to a level I had not imagined possible, although I'm certain that I can go further and deeper still. However, the most important part I think, is that I didn't know how disconnected I was in the first place. And this is maybe what drives me most of all, because I feel almost certain that everybody I see is in this state of disconnection, but has the capacity to achieve further awareness of body, as well as the blissfully free feelings which I associte with this.


I find myself in the position now where I feel more free than limited, and this allows me to know what is still holding me back and what can further be released. It allows me to more quickly and accurately judge my responses to a stimulus, and therefore to heal more easily. All of this has allowed me to integrate my awareness from just my body into deeper levels of me and my life. Consciousness is a well used term in the field of modern spirituality, and yet I have come to know its meaning through exploration of the subtle layers of myself.